About the Artist

Siena Milia is a textile artist, exploring the craft of three-dimensional soft sculpture. Her work builds on a nearly ageless tradition of doll-making with a contemporary design and aesthetic grounded in a philosophy of mindfulness and simplicity in early learning and play.  

Using a combination of fibers, bold and soft colors, prints, and both new and recycled materials, she creates uniquely beautiful works of playable art. 

As humans, we crave companionship and yearn for the existence of magic.  A doll, in one form or another, cloth or wood, is oftentimes a child's earliest companion in play and exploration. For Siena, true magic is found in the meeting of imagination and this relationship with something we hold dear. Her joy in artistic expression is found in the making of magic.

Siena grew up in Sunnyvale California and attended Brigham Young University where she discovered two of her greatest loves: her husband and travel. Over the last 12 years she and her family have lived in Tajikistan, UAE, Armenia, and Saudi Arabia and traveled nearly everywhere in between. 

She draws both inspiration and technique for her art from her many experiences and from the imaginative play of her own five young children. 

In addition to her art, Siena is a published poet and short story author and is currently working on her first full-length novel, a piece of literary historical fiction set in 1979 Revolutionary Iran. 

Her other passions are for painting, weaving, lego-building with her boys, hiking, road-tripping, and watching movies.