As an artist I believe in beautiful, inspirational, interactive art. In my artistic expression I have found a wonderful balance between my love for creating and my love for my children. 

With my work I want to create a voice for the necessity of mindful, intentional instruments of imagination. I wanted to show my children that the best things don't come from a store, but from the heart and from the hands. I want them to see the hard work that goes into the creative process, the patience, perseverance, and joy in having created something beautiful and personal from raw materials. My dolls, in all their varieties, are meant to be tools for the imagination grounded in a philosophy of mindfulness, self-awareness, and sustainability in play and early learning. 

Running a business from home with five small kids is a balancing act worthy of a circus show, but it is a learning and growing opportunity for all of us. My children get to see their mom as an artist, a business owner, a teacher, a nurturer, a chef, a friend, and a playmate. I feel truly blessed to get the best of both worlds.